Education for Bob Ross Certified Instructor 2019

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Dates 2019

Level I
You can register via e-mail.
Wildlife deleted
Flowers 11.02.19 - 15.02.19
Landscape 18.03.19 - 22.03.19

Level II 2019
Wildlife deleted
Landscape 29.04.19 - 03.05.19
Flowers 27.05.19 - 31.05.19

Level III 2019
Wildlife deleted
Flowers 07.10.19 - 11.10.19
Landscape 14.10.19 - 18.10.19
Seascape 21.10.19 - 25.10.19 490,- € , only CRI !

After confirmation of your binding registration you get more informations. Please read the listed basic informations below.

On our own behalf

That's my little Mimi. She is the studio dog and always with me in the studio. She is accustomed to lies in her basket during the lessons.Please do not feed ! The dog is suitable for allergy sufferers. So do not worry if you have problems.

You can register via e-mail.

Angelika Weile

Information for Bob Ross teacher training classes

The teacher training class takes place in Berlin-Oberschoeneweide, Rathenaustr. 5, Atelier- Weile. To receive a certificate as Bob Ross Teacher you have to go through a three level education. To guaranty a good education in terms of quality and ability you have to be in each level. The course fee for each level (one week) is 450, - Euro (incl. VAT 19%) plus the material costs.

You will receive an email for an obligatory enrollment. Then you are on the class list. After class fee payment on time you are in the course.

We will send you a material list. This list is put together in the USA. All items on the list are needed for class. You have the choice either buy the supplies by yourself or order it via Atelier-Weile. But most important: It has to be original Bob Ross material!

There are regulations concerning supply order for Bob Ross classes. Atelier-Weile do not own a shop. We cannot guaranty replacement supplies when something is missing. To avoid any problems please watch out for deadlines.

Classes are held by American and German teachers so the course language is English and German. There will be a translator for English-German. There is no interpreter for other languages. With the invoice and the material list you will receive a hotel list. These are possible accommodations close by the atelier. There is no liability in every respect. Please take care about your email account. Make sure that you will receive the mails otherwise we have a lot returned to sender mails. For questions and problems I will help you!

Please use e-mail only:

Happy painting

Angelika Weile